Morgan Ballou was born in Ponca City, Ok to Iris Anne Ballou, an accomplished director, actress, and medical industry professional. Her father is from Kansas City, MO, and her mother from Ponca City, OK. Morgan has Irish, French, and German ancestry. She grew up in Oklahoma, Ponca City and Tulsa. Morgan has done extensive traveling within the music industry as a sound and stage tech, touring musician, and general road crew. With a strong desire to learn she enrolled and successfully completed various courses in a wide subject area. Raised as an only child by a single mother, her parents divorced when she was 6 months old. She discovered three sisters and a brother in 2007 on a genealogy search to discover her background and family medical history. Unfortunately she never got the chance to meet her brother as he passed from cancer in 2005. Morgan is close with her family and sisters. Growing up she wanted to be involved in the performing arts, singing, acting, whatever she could do. Her mother was quick to immerse her into various facets of the industry and supported her growth and knowledge. Her resume includes theatre, film, production crew, television, and music video.11822403_10207359439045361_5964059278260140649_nRecently she launched her own business, Magpie Photos, with the business model of “pay what you think is fair” with a percentage of every transaction going toward local no-kill animal shelters and other non-profits out there working hard to save our furry friends. She is well versed in a multitude of things and has already received over 500 professional peer awards, placing her in top 10% of ViewBug’s International photography website. Morgan has also received an invitation to become a Curator for the site. This invitation is only sent to 5% of all members and is based on quality of photos, participation, and support of other members. She is honored to be a Curator, and most recently a Moderator. Her work can be viewed at: http://www.viewbug.com/member/magpiephotos

This blog is to be another creative outlet for her. She will share tips and tricks, her thoughts, vent, praise, the works. Thank you for checking it out!


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